Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Recreate Strathcona Gardens Community Advisory Group (RSG-CAG) is to provide a forum for a diverse cross-section of community members and project staff to share information and gather input on various aspects of the proposed renewal of the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex. This information will be shared with the Strathcona Gardens Commission who have responsibility for making decisions about the project. In this way, the RSG-CAG will help to ensure that community interests are considered in the proposed redevelopment.


The Strathcona Regional District owns and manages the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex for the residents of Electoral Area D and the City of Campbell River. Public consultation and a review of the facility in 2015 concluded that the facility is aging and more can be done to meet the needs of residents now and into the future by redeveloping the facility.  In response, the Strathcona Gardens Commission and the Strathcona Regional District Board are continuing to plan for the future redevelopment of the facility and would like to hear from the public throughout the planning process.


  • The RSG-CAG will be established by the Strathcona Gardens Commission and members will be appointed by the Chief Administrative Officer.
  • The group will comprise approximately 10 to 16 community members and a minimum of one project staff member.
  • The composition of the group will reflect a broad cross-section of individual and group facility users as well as other individuals and community groups from Electoral Area D and the City of Campbell River.
  • Members representing organizations must have a letter from the head of their respective organization authorizing them to speak on behalf of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities of Members

The RSG-CAG shall:

  • Review information and details related to the preferred concept for the redevelopment and provide feedback.
  • Collaborate on agenda items.
  • Appoint a Co-Chair from the group.
  • Help share and communicate information about the project with others.
  • Regularly attend and be an active, constructive and respectful participant in meetings.
  • Review and comment on information packages, minutes and reports.

Decision Process

The RSG-CAG provides valued input into planning for the proposed renewal of the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex. Group members are encouraged to provide advice to the Project Team. This information will be shared with the Strathcona Gardens Commission who holds the authority to make final decisions based on community input as well as other critical factors such as financial management, organizational risk and capacity. Members will not be required to achieve consensus of ideas, input and feedback. All input will be noted.


  • The RSG-CAG is appointed for the duration of the planning phase of this project (approximately 1.5 years).
  • The group is co-chaired by a project staff member as well as a community group member. Decisions regarding the community member co-chair are made by consensus of the group.
  • No other consensus decisions are required from the RSG-CAG. The primary purpose is to share information and provide a range of community perspectives and feedback.
  • As the RSG-CAG is not required to make formal decisions, a quorum is not required for meetings to be relevant. However, where attendance is anticipated to be limited, the co-chairs may determine to reschedule a meeting.
  • If vacancies arise during the project term, the Chair will consult with the project team and existing committee members to identify alternates as required.
  • Members may withdraw from membership at any time in writing or verbally.


Members of the RSG-CAG will serve on a voluntary basis without compensation.

Meeting Frequency, Duration and Format

  • Meeting frequency will be determined in conjunction with the project schedule but will most likely be bi-monthly.
  • Regular meeting attendance is required to remain a member.
  • Members who are absent without prior notification to a Chair for three consecutive meetings may be deemed to have resigned.
  • Meetings will be in person at the Strathcona Gardens.
  • Duration is anticipated to be 1-2 hours.
  • Meetings will be held at a date and time that is convenient for the majority of group members.
  • An agenda will be published in advance of the meeting.
  • The project staff member will provide administrative support and co-chair the meetings.