REC-REATE Strathcona Gardens consists of four phases:

  1. The Facility Needs Assessment – 2015-16
  2. The Project Planning Phase (Feasibility study) – 2017
  3. The Schematic Design Phase – 2018
  4. The Project Delivery Phase (Funding/Construction) – 2019/2020
Needs Assessment (Phase 1)
  • Study to understand (1) whether the present service delivery is meeting the needs and expectations of the community or are additional programs and services needed now or in the future and (2) does the existing facility allow for delivery of appropriate services for the next 5 to 20 years and if not, how should it be improved?
  • Public engagement (household surveys, user focus groups, public open house, key informant interviews and workshops)
  • Study completed in June 2015 (Strathcona Gardens Facility Needs Assessment – Final Report
Project Planning (Phase 2 & 3)
Project Delivery (Phase 4)
  • SRD to pursue provincial and federal grant opportunities
  • Subject to funding
  • Detailed design and construction documentation
  • Construction targeted to commence in 2020
  • Grand opening!