aquatics1The existing Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex aquatic offerings includes a 37.5m pool, a leisure pool, water slide, hot tub, steam room and sauna as well as associated change rooms.

The original lap pool was constructed in 1978. The leisure pool, hot tub and waterslide were added as part of a renovation in 1995. Upper pool seating was also added at this time which was later made into the current weight room. Various smaller renovations have taken place since 1995, including a 2010 renovation to the pool hall change room and pool deck. As part of this renovation, the slab on grade for the pool deck and the change room areas were replaced, and the concrete masonry unit walls in the change rooms were removed. The change rooms were also reconfigured at this time.

Swimming is a popular activity for people of all ages. Trends in recreation show that swimming lessons are the primary market for indoor pools however participation in such activities tends to decline after the age of 10. An aging population brings increased demand for therapeutic pools and programs aimed at rehabilitation and therapeutic requirements, a trend that has been observed at Strathcona Gardens.

Aquatics – Needs Assessment Findings and Public Input

The 2015 Needs Assessment study confirmed the importance of the aquatic facilities to Strathcona Gardens. Aquatics have the highest level of use at the facility with 52 per cent of Area D households and 56 per cent of Campbell River households reported to have participated in at least one aqautic activity, program or event during the year. The two most popular types of activities are recreational swim and the use of the hot tub, stream room or sauna.

Public feedback gathered via household surveys, user group meetings and a public Open House noted that in relation to the aquatic facilities, users are most satisfied with:

  • Youth aquatic leadership programs
  • Preschool or parent and tot swimming lessons
  • Swim club
  • Ease of access between the pool change rooms, leisure pool and lap pool
  • Water temperature and cleanliness of the leisure pool and lap pool
  • Ease of access and cleanliness of the hot tub and sauna
  • Zero entry in leisure pool for physically challenged access
  • Good aquatic exercise programs led by qualified staff

The following concerns and desired aquatic improvements were identified by the public:

  • Lack of adequate pool time for all clubs and activities
  • Facelift to existing pool
  • Addition of a warm hydro-therapy pool
  • Limited access to slide
  • Maintenance of change rooms
  • Reduced pool closures
  • Lack of deck space
  • Change rooms (men’s) are too small

Aquatics – Proposed Improvements

In response to public comments and a review of trends in recreational facilities, the concept plan proposes the following improvements:

  • Expanded main tank (6-8 lanes)
  • New therapy pool
  • Renovated & expanded change rooms
  • New sauna and steam rooms
  • New pool admin spaces
  • Optional leisure & hot pool replacement